Everyone takes photos, so why not take better ones?


Photography as both a profession and a hobby is an incredibly expansive topic that covers a remarkably vast range of subjects from science and art. No matter where you lie on the professional spectrum, there is simply always more to learn. These photography tutorials cover the basics as well as more advanced photography techniques to help you gain a better understanding of the art.

How to Take the Perfect Snow Snap
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15th December 2018
Snowfall can cause a huge frustration for those of us who have to trudge to work, but it can also present some fun opportunities too, especially for photographers. Here are five tips to help you take some great pictures during some tricky shooting experiences.
A Beginners Guide to Start Shooting in RAW
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1st September 2018
You’ve probably heard over and over that you should be shooting in RAW, but what is RAW and why should you use it? We take a look at RAW photography and why you should be making the effort to shoot RAW if your camera supports it. Do the benefits outweigh the disadvantages? We think they do.
How to take Better Fireworks Photos
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3rd July 2018
The default Camera app on your phone can take some pretty incredible photos during the day, and newer phones can even make nighttime shots look good, but you can't just point and shoot if you want to capture some pretty spectacular fireworks photos.
10 Tips to Help You Take Better Smartphone Photos
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16th June 2018
The humble smartphone has transformed photography, bringing cameras to the masses and allows more and more people to record the world around them, capture and share amazing photos. In this post, we will look into a few handy tips that help improve your smartphone photography.
Understanding Histograms
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12th October 2017
It's just a simple graph, but the histogram has had a major impact on how we go about exposing our photographs on location and processing them later.
Get To Know Your Camera
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5th October 2017
This guide is for anyone who wants to get more from their camera, be it a DSLR, compact or bridge camera. Learn about the key camera controls and how to use them to control exposure, shutter speed, use the flash and get great shots.
Backing Up Travel Photos On The Go
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30th July 2017
With an awesome holiday coming soon, I'm going to be taking lots of once in a lifetime shots and I don't want to run the risk of losing any precious photos. Airline baggage restrictions mean I cannot take my laptop, so how can I backup all my photos securely whilst on holiday?
Essential Landscape Photography Tips
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23rd July 2017
Being a landscape photographer may seem like one of the simplest ways to make a living, experiencing the peace and solitude of a new dawn for example, yet they are often fraught with logistical issues, technical challenges and the creative thought process can be overwhelming.