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Hello, I'm Tim Trott. I am web developer extraordinaire, photographer and amateur astronomer. I was born in Bristol, England, and now live in Glasgow, Scotland. This is my website, where I share my photos and write about astronomy, programming, photography guides and tips about the internet and technology. I started writing back in 1999 as a means to record my activities and hobbies as well as a place to take notes from the courses I attended. RadientPixels is my photography blog where I write about photography, share photography tutorials and inspiration ideas as well as the occasional DIY project.

I have been taking pictures since childhood using compact an old SLR 35mm film cameras. In 1996 I bought my first digital camera and photography became important part of my life. In 2006 I bought my first digital SLR which I still use today.

I mainly specialise in macro photography, still life, landscape and track day event photography; however I am looking to expand into portrait and fashion photography this year as well as a lot more travelling to locations such as Iceland, Sweden and Norway.

As an amateur photographer I take pictures because I like photography, not because I am trying to make money. I have done a couple of photography shoots on a no-fee basis. I have done a few photography courses; I have a Diploma in Photography and completed a portrait photography course. As my photography portfolio develops (no pun intended!) I add more and more photos to my site.

Last updated on: Sunday 26th March 2017