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A Comparison of Close-up Filters and Macro Lenses
17th May 2009Tutorials
What kind of results can be obtained using close up filters, and what is the difference compared with a dedicated macro lens? What is the difference be between a macro lens close to the subject vs. a telephoto lens further away?
DIY Shutter Release
17th May 2009Projects
When taking long exposures, such as during astrophotography, it is necessary to release the shutter without actually touching the camera. Touching the camera introduces vibrations which blur the image.
There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.Ansel Adams
What is Depth of Field
17th May 2009Tutorials
The depth of field is the range of distance from the focal plane, which is acceptably sharp. Factors affecting the depth of field are the camera and lens type, aperture and focus distance.